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How did prison-princesses

How did prison-princesses.com start?

A member of our staff had an inmate friend who asked them if they could get mail for some of her inmate friends. We placed a few classified ads for them in a few magazines and were successful in getting them mail. Then a man contacted us and asked if we could get his friend in Texas some mail. It became known through word of mouth that we were very successful in getting inmates mail. With the increasing number of female prisoners being incarcerated in the US we decided to start a web site dedicated to this purpose. What started as a free service became very time consuming and expensive. To cover the expenses we had to make the decision to charge a small fee for our services. The ladies can choose to pay $15.00 fee to be listed and have their address posted directly on the ad, or you can offer to pay the ladies fee for this. The cost to you to pay for this fee for her is $20.00.


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Amber - Texas
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